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The Story of Kingdom Energy Co Owner & CSO - Nick Katsilas (Interview)

(Nick Katsilas Skydiving)

A Legend is born.

Born in 1992 out of good old Salt Lake City, Nick Katsilas was born to play. Growing up near in and around Salt Lake County brought him to playing sports of all kind.. but one thing's for certain about Nick, the boy could ball! Baseball that is. Ball was life growing up. Sure to head to the big leagues. That was until tryouts his sophomore year of high school ended with some arguments with the head coach. Utah has adopted some of the most partial, political atmospheres, especially as it comes to sports, which lead Nick to part ways with his first love.

Thankfully for Nick, the end of baseball opened up a whole new world for him. Doing all he could to stay out of trouble, while being the sole proprietor of most of it. He learned his work ethic he’d developed in baseball would translate across the board. People have even created a category solely for him called “Jack of All Trades” where he ended up perfecting his greatest love to date; Snowboarding. That’s right, in the state of “the best snow on earth” - no snow was safe from Nick and his snowboard.

While high school was eh whatever, coming out of high school he was ready to go. As he worked throughout school into his young adulthood, he learned quickly that he wanted to be his own boss. He started a call center with some close family members managing E-Bay, debt consolidation and other things for a couple years. Learning new networking skills he deeply needed, he recognized that some of the downfalls within the business and downfalls of even some of his relationships was due to some leadership roles that were poorly adopted. Of course, for him that was just a kick in the pants to get going.. no Kingdom Energy doesn’t happen just yet. I promise we’ll get there.

Nick jumped into a couple different jobs at once immediately where he believed he’d develop these coveted leadership traits he was looking for. Lo and behold, one of them, Best Buy - was ready to give him some big jobs to get him going. He quickly became the Market in Home Design Manager for over 7 stores and was crushing it!

After some self development in the work game wasn’t enough, Nick sought other routes which helped him broaden his sights to see that he had much more in the tank and had been playing soft or as Nick calls it, using only half of his behind. As you’d guess it, it kicked him into gear which is where his desire for greatness in wealth started to trickle. He had a goal now to double his income in that year! Unfortunately, certain players weren’t excited about that quick of a jump so he made his exit quickly, cashed in his 401K and made way to being an entrepreneur once again.

After testing several businesses (which is a kind way of how Nick expressed his several failed attempts at businesses he’d started) Nick went into - no, no, not Kingdom Energy yet.. I promise it’s coming. But Nick succeeded at a few of the gigs he started and learned a lot. Which led him to the door to door sales game.

As a rookie in the Pest Control area, Nick nearly set the rookie record for most sales (still finishing top 10 in the company) and then broke the company record the following year for sales. What he learned in sales was that he could make as much money in 3 months as he did in an entire years salary at previous places he’d been employed. Not only was a star born, but a vision for the future.

His best mate Cody (aka Founder of Kingdom Energy) and Nick had been talking about doing sales together, hoping to start their own gig together some day! Cody called him one day and said “hey did you know that solar adds equity to your home?!” Nick having heard that previously blew him off with a “yep.” Which didn’t sit well with Cody.. he quickly signed some agreements with another company that did something with pineapples or something like that. I don’t know, we’ll talk to Cody about that one. Anyway that led them both to eff off in different directions for a bit. Cody with pineapples and Nick went the route of another Amazon door to door gig out in Florida that allowed him to set more records for a bit and make a killing over there.

After some time and some coming back together, Cody and Nick, they had some cool experiences, had their visions collide with a Lion and a dream and Voila- Kingdom Energy was born! They both had decided they were done doing things with other groups, for other people, with different visions than they had. So they did the one thing all best friends dream of doing.. first they swallowed their pride, made up from frustration of the past, then created and started a business together that would not only change their lives, but change the lives of millions of others. I’ll explain more soon on that portion.

So here the question comes back again, Why Solar? For Nick, it’s all about the longevity. He wanted to be a part of something that was going to last 5+ years, but was also sustainable compared to other things. It needed to be something that actually wasn’t just convenient but would better peoples lives. That’s why solar became so important to him. Nick had sold everything else but drugs and houses and this was the one business that he said he could help someone spend less off the bat to save more in the long run.

Not only does Nick love the environment and loves the thought of how that’s benefitting the earth he loves to play on so much. More than the environment, Nick just loves people. Being able to take care of him and his little family financially while being able to help other families. Great news for everyone who’s getting into selling solar too, it’s great money. That’s from Nick’s mouth himself, so you know it’s good.

I asked Nick why he’s so passionate about this work for real though. What’s the Why behind it all? Why push so hard the way you do? What’s the helping millions all about? His response was all about his “Do Big Things” foundation and having a vision of seeing kids and families in Africa and other places that are working so hard for the basics like water. The direct quote from Nick was “My purpose is to Level the playing field so that we can help provide clean water, electricity, education or even food to everyone, so that they too can reach their full potential in life.

Wow. Honestly for me, the story writer here, that was cool for me to hear. In asking more about that Nick said “Everyone is in charge of themselves, my job is just to present that leveling portion to the world. Making the necessities easy to get ahold of so that they can focus on them and not just making it day by day. That’s what leveling the playing field is all about. That’s doing big things to me. To the whole world.” Truly, I don’t doubt him for a minute. If there’s one thing Nick isn’t, it’s that he’s not a Liar. He’s good with his word and up front and honest. I’m excited to watch him change the world.

In the meantime, he’s growing Kingdom Energy some of the best people. Also, did I mention the part of the story where he met this great gal he’s fallen in love with? Yeah, Madi or to be full in part, Madison. He meets her in a group of good friends, takes her on a first date snowboarding (go figure right?) And they quickly realize they’re a perfect fit. Currently as a realtor in Utah, she’s been supporting Nick every step of the way and is also preparing to help take solar to California, coming really soon. Did I mention she was ranked #2 in the amazon door to door sales behind Nick? Yeah she’s rad. From the horse's mouth he said, "She's my person. Not just because of all the cool stuff we do together, but in everything and in every way." I personally am seeing some good things in their future.

Nick doesn’t just snowboard, though it is his favorite by far. He really is a Jack of All trades! Nick loves to skydive, longboard, wakeboard, hike and be in nature in general, rock climb, dirt bike, hang on street bikes with his lady, and just being outdoors altogether. Nick is one of a kind. Extremely kind, driven and consistent with his word. If you’re lucky to interact with him, you’ll likely be considered a friend very quickly.

For those looking into solar for your home, just ask Nick yourself! Thankfully you’ll be getting into solar with one of the best in the game, not just because of how good he is on the doors either. Quality comes with its people, like Nick.

For those who are looking to sell solar, you’re in luck with the leadership that Nick carries. Nick, Cody and the rest of the gang are incredible humans. Not only do they have a massive vision, connections to the industry leaders you want and need, but they treat people as they should be treated, like Gold.


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